Error messages

Error message Meaning
Can't call sub. Cannot call the subroutine,the subroutine is located in a different file.
Can't link macro. Failure to establish the link between MACRO and Tera Term.
Can't open file. The include file does not exist, or there are too many nested include files.
")" expected. A closing parenthesis does not exist where it should.
"*/" expected. A closing comment does not exist where it should.
Link macro first. Use 'connect' macro. The command cannot be executed before the link between MACRO and Tera Term is established.
Divide by zero. The expression attempts to divide by zero.
Invalid control. Invalid use of "else", "elseif" or "endif".
Label already defined. Duplicate use of the label.
Label required. The label is not defined.
Stack overflow. There are too many nested subroutines, "for-next" loops or "while-endwhile" loops.
Syntax error. The format of the statement is invalid.
Too many labels. MACRO can not handle more than 512 labels.
Too many variables. MACRO cannot handle more than 256 integer variables, 256 string variables, 256 integer arrays and 256 string arrays.
Type mismatch. The type of the constant or variable is invalid.
Variable not initialized. The variable must be initialized before it is referenced.
Index out of range. The accessed index is larger than the defined maximum number.
"]" expected. The right bracket of the array is missing.
Can't allocate memory. The heap memory can not be allocated.
Unknown command. The macro command can not be supported in Tera Term current version.