Runs an application.

exec <command line> [<show> [<wait> [<current directory>]]]


Runs an application specified by <command line>.

here show command: 
show ;default parameters when no show command specified. 
When a user specifies the 1 at the <wait> argument, Tera Term waits to finish the launched application. The exit code of the application stores the `result' system variable. (version 4.63 or later)

A current directory can be specified at the <current directory> argument. (version 4.78 or later)


; Run "Notepad".
exec 'notepad readme.txt'

; Run "Notepad" and maximize the application.
exec 'notepad readme.txt' 'maximize'

; Run "Notepad" with the current directory.
exec 'notepad readme.txt' 'show' 0 'c:\usr'
; Launch a batch file.
tmp='cmd /c c:\upload.bat '
strconcat tmp username1 
strconcat tmp ' '
strconcat tmp userpass1 
strconcat tmp ' '
strconcat tmp address
messagebox tmp 'exec'
exec tmp
; Make a directory.
getenv "USERPROFILE" userprof
getdate logdir "log-%Y%m%d"
sprintf2 cmd 'cmd /c mkdir "%s\My Documents\%s"' userprof logdir
exec cmd "HIDE"


When the macro script is executed on the 64bit Windows, an WOW64's application will not work well.

The 32bit application can launch because the ttpmacro.exe is the 32bit program. An application will launch the 64bit program again when the 32bit program is executed on the 64bit operating system.
If the <wait> is specified, the exec macro will continue to next step because the 32bit program launched by the macro script terminates soon.

Please use the sysnative alias and launches the native application in the system directory to resolve this problem.

; fail
exec 'mstsc /v /w 1024 /h 768 /admin' 'show' 1

; succeed
exec 'C:\windows\sysnative\mstsc /v /w 1024 /h 768 /admin' 'show' 1