Differences from 2.3

There are differences between Tera Term(Tera Term 4.58) and Tera Term Pro 2.3 in the following table:

Feature Differences

Content Tera Term Pro 2.3 Tera Term
Source code Opened Opened
Development tool Visual C++ 5.0 / Watcom C/C++ 11.0 Visual Studio 2005[*1]
License Proprietary[*2] Modified BSD license[*3]
Icon Tera Term[*4] Tera Term[*4]
Maximum COM port 16 256
Serial speed from 110 to 115200 from 110 to 921600
Plugin module Need to setup "TERATERM_EXTENSIONS" environmental variable No need
Linked library SSLeay, zlib OpenSSL(used as the encryption library, but not used as TLS)
PuTTY(used for cooperation with Pageant, but not used for communication and terminal emulation)
TTSSH SSH 1.5 SSH 1.5 and 2
support SSH protocol shell, port-forwarding, X11 forwarding shell, port-forwarding, X11 forwarding, SCP
nonsupport SSH protocol SFTP, SCP SFTP
SSH Symmetric key cipher algorithm 3DES, DES, Blowfish 3DES-CBC, Blowfish, AES128, AES192, AES256
SSH packet compression Yes Yes, and also supports SSH2 delayed compression.
Pageant[*5] collaboration No Yes
Japanese character code EUC-JP/Shift_JIS/JIS EUC-JP/Shift_JIS/JIS/UTF-8/UTF-8 MAC
Unicode Not supported Support single language[*6]
IPv6 No Yes
Transparency window No Yes
Heart beat[*7] No telnet, SSH1 and 2
Maximize window No Yes
Scroll Lock key No Yes
Prohibit right-clicking No Yes
Online help document WinHelp HtmlHelp
Clickable URL No Yes
Wheel mouse No Yes
I18N No Yes[*8]
Proxy No Yes[*9](HTTP, TELNET, SOCKS4, SOCKS5)
xterm 256 color mode No Yes

Other new features are shown below.

Bug fixes: Tera Term Pro 2.3

New keyboard shortcut

Key Function
ScrollLock Tera Term window scroll locked or unlocked(toggle)
Alt + Enter Switch to Tera Term next/prev window
Alt + D Duplicate session (SSH, telnet only)
Alt + G Cygwin connection
Left click, Shift + Left click Select several pages of output from Tera Term window. Or expand ans contract of text area that has been selected.
Shift + Mouse drag Deleted to support for above key shortcut
Alt + MouseDrag Select rectangular block of text

New macro command

Command Feature
connect has SSH auto login parameters
waitregex is waitln regular expression version.
ifdefined can retrieve the type of the variable value.
mpause can sleep per millisecond.
sprintf can generate the format string as like printf function of C language.
str2int can convert a hexadecimal string to a number.
fileread can read specified byte data from file.
clipb2var can copy data from the Clipboard.
var2clipb can copy data to the Clipboard.
random can generate the random number.
tolower can translate characters to lowercase.
toupper can translate characters to uppercase.
break can exit from within a for or while loop.
inputbox can specify a default string which the text box contains as default text.
rotateleft can rotate the 32bit value toward the left per bit.
rotateright can rotate the 32bit value toward the right per bit.
setenv can change an environment variable on Tera Term process.
filenamebox Displays a dialog box prompting user to input a string.
do - loop Loop control
until - enduntil Loop control
callmenu can call Tera Term window menu.
cygconnect Connects to Cygwin.
scpsend Sends a file from the host with the SCP protocol.
scprecv Receives a file from the remote host with the SCP protocol.
getver Get the version of Tera Term.
setbaud Causes Tera Term to change speed of COM port.

New teraterm.ini entry

"Tera Term" sections are shown below.

Entry Feature
UILanguageFile can specify the I18N language file. The default language is English.
ConnectingTimeout is disconnection timeout value per second while TCP connecting. Also, this value can be specified at /timeout command line option.
DisablePasteMouseRButton can disable pasting by right-click.
ConfirmPasteMouseRButton can require the user to confirm an action before pasting by right-click is carried out.
DisableAcceleratorSendBreak can disable sending break signal by Alt+B key shortcut.
ANSIColor can configure ANSI color table.
EnableContinuedLineCopy can enable concatenating the next line.
MouseCursor can change the kind of the mouse pointer.
AlphaBlend can setup the transparency value of Tera Term window.
CygwinDirectory can specify a folder of Cygwin installation.
ViewlogEditor can specify an editor program which open a log file.
Locale can specify a locale for Unicode.
CodePage can specify code page for Unicode.
UseNormalBGColor can enable matching a character with a screen for a background color.
KanjiReceive added "UTF-8" and "UTF-8m" option for Unicode.
KanjiSend added "UTF-8" option for Unicode. Besides, "UTF-8m" is not necessary because sending procedure is NFC at UTF-8-MAC.
URLColor can specify the emphasis color of Clickable URL. Actually, it does not work.
EnableClickableUrl can enable Clickable URL.
LogTypePlainText can not include control codes in logging file.
LogTimestamp can insert OS timestamp in the head of the line while log collection doing.
LogDefaultName can specify the default file name when log collection starts. You can use strftime format.
LogDefaultPath can specify the default path name when log collection starts.
LogAutoStart can automatically start log collection when Tera Term connect to remote server.
BroadcastCommandHistory can record command history of Broadcast Command to teraterm.ini file.
AcceptBroadcast does not send the command the user input to own window when this option is off.
TitleFormat added "13", "29", "45" and "61" as format ID.
FileSendFilter can configure filters of file name on sending dialog.
VTCompatTab can enable that the tab display at the end of line is VT compatible terminal.
MaxBroadcatHistory Number for the history of broadcast command
DisableAppKeypad, DisableAppCursor can disable application keypad/cursor mode.
ClearComBuffOnOpen Don't clear COM buffer when serial port opening.
Send8BitCtrl Send C1 (ASCII $80-$9F) control characters.
SelectOnlyByLButton enables only mouse left-click to select the text by dragging.
TelAutoDetect controls telnet command detection.
ZmodemRcvCommand Receive command for ZMODEM
XmodemRcvCommand Receive command for XMODEM
ConfirmFileDragAndDrop Confirmation of File Transfer by Drag & Drop
TranslateWheelToCursor Mouse wheel action in application cursor mode
HostDialogOnStartup Showing "New Connection" dialog on startup
MouseEventTracking Mouse tracking mode
KillFocusCursor Display the cursor even if the window comes out of focus
ConfirmChangePaste Show the confirmation dialog when the Clipboard includes CR/LF by pasting
MaximizedBugTweak How to scroll the screen when the window size is maximized

"TTSSH" sections are shown below.

Entry Feature
CipherOrder added "7" as 3DES-CBC, "8" as AES128, "9" as AES192, ":" as AES256, ";" as BlowfishBlowfish(SSH2).
ProtocolVersion can be SSH protocol version.
HeartBeat can be keep-alive(heart-beat) interval per second.
RememberPassword can configure whether the password string which the user input will preserve on memory.
CheckAuthListFirst disables SSH2 unsupported authentication method before trying user authentication.