Frequently asked questions

Please read this page carefully before you contact the author.

[About Tera Term]

Q. Where can I find the latest version?
A. You can find it at the following sites:
Note: These sites may be changed in future.

Q. When will the next version be released?
A. See Tera Term home page.
A. Periodical release will be done once every three months, as February, May, August and November. This release may be delayed for any reason.
A. When critical problem like as security hole is found, new version will be released at the timing other than periodical release.

Q. Can a user use the Tera Term's execution programs and source codes at the user's place of business for commercial purposes?
A. No problem. Need not announce to us. Tera Term has been distributed under the BSD License.

Q. I want to participate in Tera Term development.
A. Anybody who would like to participate can participate. Please register your account on the OSDN and contact the author.

Q. Can I utilize screenshots from Tera Term?
A. Please use at your own risk under license.

Q. EAR (Export Administration Regulations)
A. Tera Term includes modules made in the USA. As such, it may be subject to U.S. export control laws known as ECCN-5D002, cryptograhic software. Downloading it outside of Japan will be considered as re-export because the laws applies to re-exports.
Tera Term distributed on TeraTerm Project has been already finished the following.

When you download and use Tera Term, you must refer to above information, components and libraries at your own risk. You are solely responsible for compliance with Export Laws.
For more information, see the project wiki page "About EAR (Export Administration Regulations)."

[Basic usage]

Q. I can not connect to a host.
A. Please check the following things:

Please do not ask the author how to configure network properties. Please read books and magazines or ask the network administrator.

Q. How do I connect to a host with dial-up TCP/IP (PPP)?
A. Before you run Tera Term, establish the PPP connection. In the case of Win 95, you should use "Dial-Up Networking".
After the dial-up (PPP) connection is established, run Tera Term. Enter the host name or IP address at the [File] New connection dialog box. If you don't know the name or IP address of the host, ask the network administrator.
In the case of PPP connection, the serial port is controlled by the PPP connection utility. Serial port functions of Tera Term are for non-PPP connections and nothing to do with the PPP connection.

Q. Tera Term automatically closes when I logout a telnet host. How to disable closing?
A. Turn "Auto window close" off in the [Setup] TCP/IP dialog box.

Q. I want to connect to a telnet host, but a serial port is always opened when Tera Term is started.
A. Set "Default port" to "TCP/IP" in the [Setup] General dialog box.


Q. How to set the Backspace or Delete key to work for the backspace function.
A. For the Backspace key, turn "Backspace key" on or off in the [Setup] Keyboard dialog box. For the Delete key, turn "Delete key" on (this may not work in some hosts).

Q. How to use numeric keys in normal way?
Q. I can not enter "/", "*", "-" and "+" by using the numeric keypad.
A. See "Numeric keypad".

Q. How to use F1-F4 keys as VT100 PF1-PF4 keys?
A. See "PF1-PF4 keys of VT100".

Q. F1 (or whatever) key does not work. How to configure the keyboard?
A. In most cases, I can not answer this kind of question because I don't know how the key works. If you know what character (string) should be sent or what function should be performed by pressing the key, you can make the key work by editing the keyboard setup file. Read KEYCODE.TXT.

Q. How to change the keyboard shortcut for the [Edit] Paste (Copy) command to Ctrl+V (Ctrl+C)?
A. See "User shortcut keys" and KEYCODE.TXT.


Q. What is "Tera Term extension interface"?
A. It is the interface between Tera Term and add-on modules. An add-on module is provided as a DLL which can hook Tera Term user interface functions, setup functions and Winsock functions. At the point of Mar 1998, no add-on module has been developed. Projects of developing add-on modules which support ssh and SSL are in progress. See Tera Term home page for currently available add-on modules.

Q. Line drawing characters ("Tera Special" font characters) are not displayed properly.
A. Remove the "Tera Special" font from "Fonts" of Control Panel, restart the system and reinstall the "Tera Special" font manually at "Fonts" of Control Panel.

Q. When line drawing characters are displayed, a "line" character does not match with an "angle" character smoothly.
A. Tera Term provides the original font "Tera Special" font to display line drawing characters. The font is scaled to fit the size of normal character font. Depending on the scaling factor, this mismatch problem may occur. Please find a good choice of font and size for normal characters which does not cause this problem.

Q. Why number of fonts in the list of [Setup] Font dialog box is so small?
Q. Why I can not select the "Times" font at the [Setup] Font dialog box?
A. Tera Term uses only fixed-pitch fonts such as "Terminal" and "Courier" because characters should be displayed with equal spacing in order to emulate the VT terminal properly. Displaying proportional font characters with equal spacing is in principle possible but it makes program complicated and slow. So Tera Term does not use proportional fonts.
A.On Windows7, the font dialog uses the current user's show/hide font settings to determine the font list to display. This will result in the display of fewer font lists in most instances. To disable font hiding, users should go to the Font Settings page in the Fonts CPL and no-select the "Hide fonts based on language settings" check-box.

Q. How to change the behavior of text selection by mouse double clicking?
A. See "Delimiters of a word selected by double clicking".

Q. The "at" command of Windows NT does not work for executing Tera Term.
A. Specify "/interactive" option for the "at" command.

Q. The window title can not change by using the /W= of the command line option and the settitle macro command.
A. Some Linux distributions overwrite the window title after the current users' changing. To prevent this behavior, try either one of the following two methods: