Returns the attributes of a file or directory. (version 4.69 or later)

getfileattr <filename>


string <filename>
The file name or directory name

Return Value

System variable <result>
When this command fails, -1 is stored.
When the command succeeds, the returned value is in the following:
Value Meaning
$1 Read only
$2 Hidden
$4 The operating system uses a part of, or uses exclusively
$10 Directory
$20 Archive
$80 Not have other attributes set
$100 Temporary
$200 Sparse file
$400 Has an associated reparse point, or a file that is a symbolic link
$800 Compressed
$1000 Physically moved to offline storage(Windows 2000 or later)
$2000 Not to be indexed by the content indexing service(Windows 2000 or later)
$4000 Encrypted


file = 'c:\test.txt'
getfileattr file
if result <> -1 then
	if result & $1 > 0 then
		messagebox 'This file has readonly attribute.' file
name = "C:\test"

getfileattr name

if result < 0 then
	messagebox "Not found" name
elseif result & $10 then
	messagebox "Directory" name
	messagebox "File" name

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