Get the version of Tera Term. (version 4.58 or later)

getver <strvar> [<version>]


Returns the version of Tera Term in the string variable <strvar>.

If <version> is specified, <version> is compared with the version of running Tera Term and the result is stored in the system variable "result". If <version> is not specified, the system variable "result" is not changed. The meaning of "result" is as follows.

Value Meaning
-2 Error. <version> is invalid.
-1 Tera Term version is older than <version>.
0 Tera Term version is equal to <version>.
1 Tera Term version is newer than <version>.


getver version

getver version '4.56'
if result >= 0 then
  callmenu 50280
  callmenu 50210
  callmenu 50270