Displays the status dialog box.

statusbox <message> <title> [<special>]


string <message>
It is displayed in the dialog box.
string <title>
It is displayed as the dialog box title.
integer <special> (optional default=0)
If it is non-zero, following strings in <message> is treated as spacial character.
input output
\\ "\"
\n line feed
\t tab
This option is obsolete. You are recommended to use the strspecial command.


Displays the status dialog box if it has not been displayed yet.
Changes the message to <message> and title to <title>.

The "setdlgpos" command changes the position of status dialog box.
The "closesbox" command closes the status dialog box. A user can not close the status dialog box by using the Enter and ESC key.


; Set the initial position.
setdlgpos 200 200
; Display the status dialog box.
statusbox 'Message' 'Title'
pause 3
; Move the dialog box.
setdlgpos 0 0
pause 3
; Move the dialog box.
; infinite loop while displaying the counter
step = 0
while 1
  call show_step
  sendln 'echo do something'
  wait '$'
  pause 2

step = step + 1
gettime timestr "%Y/%m/%d-%H:%M:%S"
sprintf2 s "counter %d" step
statusbox timestr s

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