Replaces a string, with another string. (version 4.67 or later)


strreplace <strvar> <index> <regex> <newstr>


Replaces a specified <regex> string in the string variable <strvar> beginning at a specified position <index>(1-origin), with another specified <newstr> string.
If the <newstr> is ''(empty), the <regex> string is removed from <strvar>.

When the replacing succeeds, the system variable "result" is set to 1 and the matched string by the <regex> is stored into the system variable "matchstr".
When the replacing fails by the reason <regex> not match <strvar>, the system variable "result" is set to 0.
When <regex> format is not valid, the system variable "result" is set to -1.

When a user searches the multi-byte string like as Japanese, the user must configure the regular encoding by using the regexoption previously.

NOTE: When this macro command is performed, the 9 system variables from "groupmatchstr1" to "groupmatchstr9" are cleared.


strreplace src 1 '\.txt' '.doc'
messagebox src 'result'          ; linux.doc
src='I can do it.'
strreplace src 1 'can\s' ''
messagebox src 'result'     ; 'I do it.'
src='Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]'
strmatch src '(Version \d+.\d+.)\d+'

int2str s result
messagebox s groupmatchstr1
pos=result                ; 23
mstr=groupmatchstr1       ; Version 5.1.

strreplace src pos mstr 'Build '
if result=1 then
	messagebox src 'result'   ; Microsoft Windows XP [Build 2600]

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