Waits an event.

waitevent <events>


Pauses until one of the events specified by <events> occurs. <events> can be combination of the following event identifiers.

Event Event identifier
timeout 1
unlink 2
disconnection 4
connection 8

The timeout event occurs when <timeout>.<mtimeout> seconds have passed. <timeout> is the value of the system variable "timeout". <mtimeout> is the value of the system variable "mtimeout". If timeout is less than or equal to zero, this event never occurs.

The unlink event occurs when Tera Term is closed.

The disconnection (connection) event occurs when the communication between Tera Term and the host is closed (opened).

These commands return the identifier of the actual event in the system variable "result".


; Wait the disconnection event
waitevent 4
; Wait the unlink or connection events
waitevent 2 or 8
; The unlink event occurred
if result=2 goto label1
; The connection event occurred
if result=8 goto label2