Sends a file from the host with the XMODEM protocol.

xmodemsend <filename> <option>


Causes Tera Term to send the file <filename> to the host with the XMODEM protocol. Pauses until the end of the file transfer.
If the file is transferred successfully, the system variable "result" is set to 1. Otherwise, "result" is set to zero.

<option> specifies the XMODEM option (packet size), and can be one of the following:
Type of error detection (Checksum/CRC) can be specified at receiver side. (version 4.90 or later)

<option> (version 4.89 or earlier) (version 4.90 or later)
1 Checksum default(128 bytes)
2 CRC default(128 bytes)
3 1K 1K
others Checksum default(128 bytes)


; XMODEM send, default packet size
xmodemsend 'readme.txt' 1

; XMODEM send, 1K
xmodemsend 'readme.txt' 3