Command line

TTPMACRO.EXE [/I] [/V] [<macro file> [<parameters>...]]


Iconify the macro window.
Start MACRO in hidden (invisible) state.
<macro file>
Macro filename.
If this value is not a full path, it is understood as a relative path from ttpmacro.exe.
The filename(path excluded) is stored in the system variable "param1" and "params[1]".
Parameter(s) is passed to macro file.
The third argument of params system variable is stored into params[2] in a sequence.
Simultaneously, from param2 to param9 variables are also stored.

System variables

System variables of command line configuration are as follow.

String type array that parameters are stored
Whole string of command line is stored in params[0]. A macro filename is stored in params[1].
The third argument is stored into params[2] in a sequence.
This is same as params[1]. A macro filename is stored.
From param2 to param9
Same as from params[2] to params[9].
The third argument is stored into variable in a sequence.
The variable that corresponds to params[10] or later does not exist.
The number of params array. The params[1] that stores a macro filename counts.

Every element of params array and from param1 to param9 can store a string of up to 511 characters.