Formats of constants

1) Integer-type constants

A integer-type constant is expressed as a decimal number or a hexadecimal number which begins with a "$" character. Floating point operation is not supported.


Note on negative integer constants

2) String-type constants

There are two ways of expressing a string-type constant.

a) A character string quoted by ' or " (both sides must be same).

    'Hello, world'
    "I can't do that"

b) A single character expressed as a "#" followed by an ASCII code (decimal or hexadecimal number). Note: Strings can not contain NUL (ASCII code 0) characters.

    #65     The character "A".
    #$41    The character "A".
    #13     The CR character.

ASCII code table

Format a) and b) can be combined in one expression.

    'cat readme.txt'#13#10