1) User variables

Defined by user. The type of a variable is determined when a value (integer or string) is assigned to it for the first time. Once the type of the variable is determined, values of a different type cannot be assigned to it.

2) System variables

Each system variable has a predefined type and value. Used with particular commands.

Variables Type Initial value Related commands
groupmatchstr1 ... groupmatchstr9 string "" waitregex, strjoin, strsplit, strmatch strreplace
inputstr string "" recvln, waitln, waitn, waitrecv, waitregex, sprintf, passwordbox, filenamebox, inputbox
matchstr string "" waitregex, strmatch
param1, param2 ... param9 string, integer *1 *1
params string array *1 *1
paramcnt integer *1 *1
result integer 0 bplusrecv, bplussend, checksum8file, checksum16file, checksum32file, clipb2var, connect, crc16file, crc32file, cygconnect, dirnamebox, exec, fileconcat, filecopy, filecreate, filedelete, filelock, filenamebox, fileread, filereadln, filerename, filesearch, filestat, filestrseek, filestrseek2, filetruncate, fileunlock, findfirst, findnext, getdate, getfileattr, getipv4addr, getipv6addr, getmodemstatus, getpassword, getspecialfolder, gettime, getttdir, getver, ifdefined, ispassword, kmtfinish, kmtget, kmtrecv, kmtsend, listbox, loginfo, logopen, quickvanrecv, quickvansend, recvln, foldercreate, folderdelete, foldersearch, setfileattr, setpassword, sprintf, sprintf2, str2int, strcompare, strlen, strmatch, strreplace, strscan, strsplit, testlink, var2clipb, wait, wait4all, waitevent, waitln, waitn, waitrecv, waitregex, xmodemrecv, xmodemsend, yesnobox, ymodemrecv, ymodemsend, zmodemrecv, zmodemsend
timeout integer 0 recvln, wait, wait4all, waitevent, waitn, waitln, waitrecv, waitregex
mtimeout *2 integer 0 recvln, wait, wait4all, waitevent, waitn, waitln, waitrecv, waitregex