Keyboard ([Setup] menu)

"Keyboard setup" dialog box

Transmit DEL by:
Backspace key
If this option is checked, pressing the backspace key sends the DEL character (ASCII 0x7F). If not checked, the BS character (ASCII 0x08) is sent. Even if this option is (not) checked, the BS (DEL) character can be sent by pressing the Ctrl+backspace key.
Delete key
If this option is checked, pressing the Delete key sends the DEL character. If not checked, the function assigned for the Delete key is determined by the keyboard setupfile.
Meta key
Enables the meta-key mode. The Alt key is used as the meta key. For example, the sequence ESC A is sent by pressing the Alt+A key. Shortcut keys which use the Alt key (such as Alt+C) are disabled.
Please set the "left" value to input the character with AltGr key and the Meta key is enabled. However, this value can be enabled with Windows NT 4.0 later.
Disabled mode:
Application Keypad
This option disables Application Keypad mode.
If this option is selected, you can prevent a problem of a numeric keypad from being unavailable due to an accidental transition to Application Keypad mode.
Note that some application which uses application keypad mode may encounter other problems when this option is selected.
Application Cursor
This option disables Application Cursor mode.

You can modify key assignments by editing the keyboard setupfile.

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