Serial port ([Setup] menu)

"Serial port setup" dialog box

OK button
The label of OK button is changed according to the connection state.
Connect with New window ... Serial connection is launched with new window since TCP/IP connection is using.
New open ... Serial connection starts.
Close and New open ... Current COM port is closed and serial connection starts with new COM port.
New setting ... The setting of current COM port is changed.
Cancel button
Discards the setting change and closes the dialog.
Help button
Displays the help file.
Serial port to be used. By default, maximum serial port number in the list is 256. It is configurable in MaxComPort setting.
Speed, Data, Parity, Stop bits, Flow control
Serial port parameters. Choose the appropriate parameters for the modem or the host.

The Speed can be specified with any number. Actually, the serial port driver may not reflect your speed.

Flow control can be configured in the following:
Xon/Xoff ... Software flow
RTS/CTS ... Hardware flow(RTS/CTS)
DSR/DTR ... Hardware flow(DSR/DTR)
none ... No flow control

Note: If Data is 7 bit, the XMODEM, ZMODEM, B PLUS and Quick-VAN protocols are disabled. If Flow control is Xon/Xoff, the XMODEM and Quick-VAN protocols are disabled.

Note: The "hardware" prior to version 4.104 applies to RTS/CTS.

Transmit delay
Time intervals between characters (lines) being sent, in milliseconds.
Detail information of COM port
The detail information of selected port is shown in the text box.
You can select all data by using CTRL+A. You can scroll horizontally by using CTRL/SHIFT + wheel.