[Window] menu

You can activate one of existing Tera-Term windows by selecting it from the list in this menu. At most 9 windows can be listed in this menu. If actual number of windows exceeds 9 and you want to activate a window which is not in the list, use the Window command in this menu.

Activates or closes a Tera-Term window.
Minimize All
Minimize all Tera-Term window.
Restore All
Restore all Tera-Term window.
Cascade, which puts windows in a single stack that has been fanned out so that the window title appear.
Stacked, which puts windows in one or more vertical stacks depending on how many windows you have open.
Side By Side
Side by side, which places each window -open, but not maximized- on the desktop so you can see all the windows at once.
Undo - Cascade|Stacked|Side By Side
Undo the Tera Term window position after arranging windows.