Keyboard setup file

The keyboard setup file assigns keys on PC keyboard for various functions such as VT terminal functions, sending user defined character strings, Tera Term commands and executing macro files.

The default keyboard setup stored in the file KEYBOARD.CNF is almost compatible with VT terminal keyboard. You can modify key assignments by editing the file. See KEYCODE.TXT for the format of keyboard setup file.

The file name of keyboard setup file to be loaded by Tera Term can be specified as a command line parameter of Tera Term. If you omit the file name extension, the default extension ".CNF" is assumed. If you omit the file name, the default file KEYBOARD.CNF is loaded.

The distribution package contains the following keyboard setup files:

Sample file for the IBM-PC/AT 101-key keyboard
Sample file for the NEC PC 98 keyboard (Japanese Windows 95)
Sample file for the NEC PC 98 keyboard (Japanese Windows NT)
A customize sample based on IBMKEYB.CNF
A customize sample based on IBMKEYB.CNF
Default keyboard setup file (copy of EDITOR.CNF at the moment just after the installation)

(*1) Editor keypad mentioned here are Ins, Del, Home, End, PageUp and PageDown.
(*2) Special keys mentioned here are *, /, +, -, Ctrl+"+" on a Ten-Key pad.
(*3) The location of these keys on VT220 is different from a generic 101(106) keyboard. With a keyboard setup file other than FUNCTION.CNF and EDITOR.CNF, a character sequence to be sent is same as one of 101(106) keyboard. This is derived from the specification of original Tera Term Pro.
On the other hand, FUNCTION.CNF and EDITOR.CNF defines a character sequence which displays a symbol of each key top "as-is". By using this, special keys will behave as each symbol of key top when an application which utilizes special keys is run.

The installer will copy EDITOR.CNF on KEYBOARD.CNF. If you want to use a different key map, copy an appropriate file on KEYBOARD.CNF to meet your need.

If you want to use PC98 NX key map, use IBMKEYB.CNF.