Language file

Tera Term's menu and dialog are assigned to English message.
A user can localize the message to make the language file.
And also, the user can specify the dialog font and the font size in the file.

Tera Term installer will copy Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean and Chinese language file into the lang directory.
And also, the installer will write the language file name into the UILanguageFile entry in the TERATERM.INI file.

Font Settings

The installer copies the Default.lng file into the lang directory.
The font settings are as follows:

; A big font
; A small font

Describe a font name in the first entry.

Describe a font size in the second entry.

Describe a font character set in the third entry.

0   ANSI
1   Default charset
2   Symbol
77  Mac
128 Japanese(Shift_JIS)
129 Hangul(EUC-KR)
130 Hangul(Johab)
134 Simplified Chinese(GB2312)
136 Traditional Chinese(Big5)
161 Greek
162 Turkish
163 Vietnamese
178 Arabic
186 Baltic
204 Cyrillic
222 Thai
238 Central European

Refer to the lfCharSet member of the LOGFONT Structure for complete information.