Tera Term setup file

Tera Term is initialized by information contained in the setup file when Tera Term is started, or when the [Setup] Restore setup command is executed.
The file name of the setup file can be specified as a command line parameter of Tera Term. If you omit the file name extension, the default extension ".INI" is used.
If you omit the file name, TERATERM.INI in "My Documents"[*1] is used if there is TERATERM.INI in "My Documents." TERATERM.INI in teraterm directory is used if there is not TERATERM.INI in "My Documents."

[*1] My Documents default placement

OS Placement
Vista/7/8/10 %UserProfile%\Documents
2000/XP %UserProfile%\My Documents
NT4.0 C:\Winnt\Personal\USERNAME\Personal
ME C:\My Documents, C:\WINDOWS\Profiles\USERNAME\My Documents
95/98 C:\My Documents

All items of Tera Term setup file

The changed setup is not saved to set up file automatically. To save the current setup into the setup file, execute the [Setup] Save setup command.

Special options in the Tera Term setup file

You need to edit the Tera Term setup file directly to change the following setup items:

Terminal emulation



File transfer