Window resize plug-in

[Resize] menu on Tera Term top menu bar


A user can add the [Resize] menu on the top menu bar by using the TTXResizeMenu plug-in.
When the [Resize] menu entry is selected, Tera Term window is automatically resized by the specified size.


Basically, the [Resize] menu does not display after the plug-in is installed.
Next, a user must register the menu entry in the teraterm.ini file.

Add a [Resize Menu] section in the teraterm.ini file, and describe the "ResizeMenuN = X, Y" entry. N is an 1-origin number.
When X or Y equals zero, the value is not changed. For example, (X, Y)=(0, 37) means that the width is not changed and the height is changed into 37 lines.
When the X or Y value is -1, the value is regarded as the maximum value not exceeding the screen size.
These value maximum is 20.


[Resize Menu]
; width 80 columns, height 37 rows
ResizeMenu1 =  80, 37
; normal VT size
ResizeMenu2 =  80, 24
; Width is not changed, Height is changed to 52 lines.
ResizeMenu3 =   0, 52
; Height is not changed, Width is changed to 132 columns(DECCOLM equivalence).
ResizeMenu4 = 132,  0