Tera Term window scroll locked or unlocked(toggle)
Ctrl + Tab, Ctrl + Shift + Tab
Switch to Tera Term next/prev window
Alt + Enter
Maximize Tera Term window(toggle)
Alt + Space Alt + X
Maximize Tera Term window
Alt + N
New connection
Alt + D
Duplicate session (SSH, telnet only)
Alt + G
Cygwin connection
Ctrl + Up/Down cursor
LineUp or LineDown
Ctrl + PageUp/PageDown
PageUp or PageDown
Ctrl + Home
Move to buffer top
Ctrl + End
Move to buffer bottom
Alt + C, Ctrl + Insert, MouseDrag
Copy selected string to the clipboard
Alt + V, Shift + Insert, Mouse Middle/Right button
Paste from the clipboard
F1 key
Push Num pad NumLock key
F2 key
Push Num pad '/'
F3 key
Push Num pad '*'
F4 key
Push Num pad '-'
Alt + MouseDrag
Select rectangular block of text
Left click Shift + Left click
Select several pages of output from Tera Term window.
Or expand ans contract of text area that has been selected.
Mouse wheel button scrolling
LineUp or LineDown
Dragging a text file and dropping it into the window
Sends text in the file to the host.
Dragging a folder and dropping it into the window
Sends the folder full-path to the host.