Delimiter character of word selected by double-click

When a user double-clicks a word with the mouse, the word can be selected.
A delimiter character can be changed by using the DelimList entry in the [Tera Term] section of the file.

DelimList=<delimiter characters>

For example,


can specify six delimiters("<", ">", "(", ")", "[", "]"). However, the space character and "$" character must be specified the "$20", "$24".

DelimList=$20 ; space character

Default value:

The "DelimList" entry can be specified only one-byte character(what is called half-size character). The two-bytes character(what is called double-byte character) is treated as the delimiter character.
If the two-bytes character is not treated as the delimiter, please configure the DelimDBCS entry in the following:


Default value:

For your reference, here is the older Tera Term configuration.