TCP/IP ([Setup] menu)

"TCP/IP setup" dialog box

Host list
You can edit here the host list to be displayed in the [File] New connection dialog box. It is convenient to add your favorite hosts to the list. You can add not only host names and IP addresses, but also the command line parameters like the following:
      myhost.mydomain                   Host name only.
      myhost.mydomain:23                Host name with a port number.
      foohost.foodomain /F=FOOHOST.INI  Host name & setup file name.
      /C=1                              Specifies the serial port connection.
      /R=LOG.DAT                        Replays the log file.
If this option is selected, a host name entered in the [File] New connection dialog box is appended to the top of host list.
Auto window close
Closes Tera Term when the connection is closed.
TCP port#
TCP port number. Normally, port number 23 is used for the telnet protocol.
Enables the telnet protocol. Usually, you should select this option.
Keep alive
This feature is called by Telnet keep-alive(heart-beat) mechanism. If this feature is enabled, Tera Term will send NOP message(IAC NOP: 255 241) periodically. 0 to turn off. The default value is 300 seconds.
Terminal type
Terminal type to be reported to the host when the telnet connection is established.
When TermType is set to "xterm" the applications (e.g. vim6) supporting ANSI color will appear in color. This function is from the original Tera Term.
You should specify "vt100" or "ANSI" for Windows Telnet Server. "xterm" will cause a problem.