Tips on ZMODEM

The ZMODEM protocol implemented in Tera Term does not support 7 bit communication lines.

For serial port:

Set the appropriate parameters in the [Setup] Serial port dialog box. Data must be 8 bit.

For telnet:

If file transfers fail, try to escape all control characters. If that does not work, try connecting to the host with the binary option. To connect with the binary option:

Setup items for ZMODEM:

Reference: Transfer the file via the intermediate server

Communication software

The ZMODEM file transfer will work well for the lrzsz package on the Red Hat Linux(e.g., Fedora, CentOS). The transfer may not work well for the zmtx-zmrx package.
When a user uses the com0com software, Tera Term can use loopback test with another Tera Term and Hypter terminal.

Modem communication program